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Audio Visual Products May 2017

Bag End Logo

BAG END Current price list dated June 2016

TIME ALIGN loudspeakers. Great for sound reinforcement, musical instruments, home theater or studio. Best known for their ELF (extended low frequency) subwoofer systems that will compliment any speaker system.

Cambridge Sound Management Logo

CAMBRIDGE SOUND MANAGEMENT (CSM) Current price list dated March 1, 2017

Is the developer of Qt “Quiet Technology” and offers innovative, simple and intelligently designed solutions to the problems of privacy and acoustic distractions. Qt consumes less power than a 40-watt light bulb per 180,000 sq. ft., and is GreenSpec listed and contribute to LEED Certification.

Cloud Logo

CLOUD ELECTRONICS Current price list dated March 2017

Leading manufacturer of commercial audio equipment, specializing in zoning, paging and amplification products.

D&M Professional Logo

D&M PROFESSIONAL Current price list dated January 1, 2017

Professional rack mount and portable audio decks, CD players, CD-R recorders, Compact Flash player/recorders and Hard Disc recorders, DVD players, MP3/CD players and more.


RANE CORPORATION Current price list dated May, 2017

Rane is a part of inMusic’s dynamic family of professional audio companies serving the professional audio video contractor with commercial installation products.

Renkus-Heinz Logo

RENKUS-HEINZ Current price list dated January, 2016

World leader in steerable sound with Iconyx series for uniform coverage, increased output and faster set up with new configurations for cost efficient installations.

MSE Audio Commercial Logo

ROCKUSTICS Current Price list dated January1, 2017

Rockustics designs and manufactures weatherproof speakers for residential and commercial markets. Products are designed to resemble outdoor landscaping features and are used in gardens, patios and other outdoor areas.

SOUNDTUBE Current price list dated January 1, 2017

A full line of pendant, in ceiling, exterior and parabolic speakers that utilize the “broad beam dispersion” and “focus point” technology, providing excellent coverage and audio quality.


SOLID DRIVE Current price list dated January 1, 2017

The solution for invisible sound. The technology transforms any rigid surface into a sound source. Directly transfer acoustic energy to the surface it’s mounted to.


SOUNDSPHERE Current price list dated January 1, 2017

Omni directional speakers and speaker systems feature hemispherical dispersion and full range sound.  Lightweight and quick and easy to install.